With the obtained by induction furnace liquid metal is poured over the already prepared moulds and after

crystallization the casting is released.

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The melting shop where liquid metal is obtained includes the following aggregates:

  • Induction furnace Inductotherm 2x5t Dual Track;
  • Induction furnace Radyne - England. Equipped with two interchangeable ladles with capacities of 5 tons and 2,5 tons;
  • Induction furnace AEG – Elotherm - Germany Capacity of 500 kg.

 The foundry possesses stores and section for the preparation of the metal before the melting process.Pig iron, steel and cast iron scrap, own return, ferroalloys, inoculants, carburizers and others are put in the burden, controlled by certificates and foundry analysis. IHB METAL CASTINGS uses high quality inoculants of ELKEM – Norway.


1. Castings from modified gray cast irons, according to EN 1561/2000, with single weights from 80 to 8000 kg per unit, from the following grades:

  • EN – GJL–150;
  • EN – GJL–200;
  • EN – GJL–250;
  • EN – GJL–300;
  • EN – GJL–350.

    2. Castings from nodular cast irons, according to EN 1563/2000, with single weights from 50 to 3000 kg per unit, from the following grades:

  • EN – GJS-400–15;
  • EN – GJS-500–7;
  • EN – GJS-600–3;
  • EN – GJS-700–2;