About us


Capture 236x147 crop and resize to fit 478b24840aIHB METAL CASTINGS AD ( former name LEYARMACH AD) is a joint stock company with majority shareholder ZMM BULGARIA HOLDING AD, which was founded in 2001. Originally the foundry was built in 1958 and has its own facilities, which haven’t stopped operating since its establishment.

ZMM BULGARIA HOLDING AD is the European leading producer of universal and CNC lathes, electric motors and hydro generators, which exports to more than 80 countries in the world. For more information please visit www.zmmbulgaria.com.

ZMM BULGARIA HOLDING is a part of INDUSTRIAL HOLDING BULGARIA, which is one of thebiggest industrial groups in Bulgaria, operating mainly in the maritime transport businesses, port activities, ship building and ship repair, machine building and etc. For details: www.bulgariaholding.com.


Our goal is to become the most reliable, the most searched and high-quality castings supplier in the Bulgarian and European markets, to respond to all of our customers’ needs and requirements, with more high-tech, more innovative and effective solutions and to strengthen our position as a company with extensive experience and traditions in the area of metal casting.

Our philosophy is based on the personalized approach and cooperation with customers, which we consider to be the foundation for long standing and beneficial relationships. We firmly believe that you will find a professional and loyal partner in IHB METAL CASTINGS.

about us


The castings of our company are well known among final users in the manufacturing of all kind of machine tools and metal cutting machines, wide range of castings for universal lathes, CNC lathes, like bodies, bed slides, columns, tailstocks, foundations, feed and gear boxes and etc., production of parts for hydro generators and electric motors, pumps and etc. all over the Europe.We provide also the pattern-core equipment, which is in accordance to our own metal casting technology and guarantee the high quality of the inner and outer surfaces of the castings.

Our main driving forces are the constant improvement and development, the implementation of new technologies and innovations. This process started from 2008 and since then the foundry operates with new induction furnace INDUCTOTERM 2x5t Dual Track. In the end of 2014 in IHB METAL CASTING installed three brand new innovative mixers for sand mixing. In the beginning of 2015 we renewed our regeneration system. We keep developing our production capacities and looking forward for new solutions and future possibilities.

  • IHB METAL CASTINGS AD have traditions in pouring of castings from modified gray cast iron - according to EN 1561 and nodular cast iron - according to EN 1563.
  • We have specialized in castings with medium and high degree of complexity in single and small series (approximately 30 pieces per month) with single weights:

    For gray cast iron – from 80 to 8 000 kg per unit;

           For nodular cast iron – from 50 to 3 000 kg per unit;

  •  We are capable of producing a wide range of wooden patterns and core equipment according to the requirement of our own casting technology, providing class of accuracy from GTB17 to GTB18 according to DIN1685.
  • The production capacity of the foundry is more than 4000 tons annually.
  • Castings are provided with and without rough machining regarding customer’s preferences.
  • The foundry has implemented and certificated system for managing of quality, in accordance with all of the requirements of EN ISO 9001.
  • Our employees have the necessary professional qualification, knowledges and experience for the production of high quality castings.