Production of refractory molds based on furan mixtures, which comply with all of the technical requirements

for each casting - configuration, complexity, size and weight.

The foundry moulds and cores are made of furan mixtures. The furan resins with low nitrogen content and high quality are delivered by renowned European producer Filly Mazzon. Bulgarian quartz sand is also used.

The moulding is done on three production sections specialized in large-size castings, middle-size castings and small-size castings with the following mixers:

Vertical Mixer Spartan III 335AB – OMEGA (England)

The productivity is 35 tons per hour on the working site for large castings.

The maximum single weight of the castings is to 10 000kg.

The maximum dimensions of the moulding flasks is to L=9200mm, B=1400mm, H=1150mm.

Vertical Mixer Spartan III 310AB – OMEGA (England)

Productivity is 12 tons per hour on the working sites for middle and small castings.

The maximum single weigh of the castings is to 2000kg.

The dimensions of the standard flasks is to L=1500mm, B=1000mm, H max=620mm.